Rapper Iron Revealed to Be Among 10 Involved in Marijuana Case

On April 1, reports revealed that 10 individuals were booked without detention on charges of smoking marijuana on several different occasions. They were sent to the prosecution on March 30.

The identity of one these individuals has been revealed to be rapper Iron whose legal name is Jung Heon Chul. The 24-year-old was the runner-up on “Show Me the Money 3.”

Apparently, the marijuana scandal was revealed when a thief stole from a 23-year-old composer-producer named “Kang.” The thief stole Kang’s bag and cash from his locker while Kang had fallen asleep after receiving a massage in a sauna.

Police caught the thief and believed they were investigating a simple theft crime until they noticed Kang’s odd eyes and behavior. After conducting a drug test, Kang tested positive for marijuana and confessed to smoking marijuana with his friends.

With Kang’s statement, the police arrested and investigated the other nine individuals. They also tested positive for marijuana and informed the police about how they met foreigners at a club in Itaewon and purchased marijuana through the internet. Also, they revealed that they smoked marijuana because it gave them confidence and helped them focus.

Meanwhile, the other individuals involved in the case besides Iron and Kang include a former first-generation idol group member, a hip-hop producer, a concert organizer, celebrity hopefuls, and more.

Note: Smoking marijiuana is illegal in Korea and a punishable crime.

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