Tournament: New Generation of Flower Boys Final Round

After weeks of voting, we are finally at the last round of our New Generation of Flower Boys tournament.

GOT7‘s Junior emerges as the champion as the champion from the idol group member side of the bracket. Previously, he faced off against WINNER‘s Jinwoo in the semi finals and won with a 10% lead.

Park Bo Gum is the champion of the actors, having won over Lee Hyun Woo with a 5% lead.

With so many new flower boys sprouting up over the past few years, both finalists had to face many difficult opponents. Check out their long road to the finals below.


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You may vote once every 12 hours. We will be keeping an eye on the polls, so any suspicious vote spamming will be removed. Final voting will close on April 6 at 12:00 p.m. PST.

Junior (GOT7) vs. Park Bo Gum

junior park bo gum

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