2015 K-Pop Agency Album Sales Rankings Revealed

Rankings of K-pop agency album sales in 2015 have been circulating on various online communities.

The top 10 include some agencies well-known for their album sales as well as some newer agencies that are becoming more prominent. While the numbers provided have not been confirmed, the rankings are assumed to be generally accurate.

In first place is SM Entertainment with 3,297,668 albums sold taking up a whopping 45.84 percent of the market share (based on the top 100). Big Hit Entertainment beats out other agencies for second place. Third place is YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment gets fourth place. Finally, FNC Entertainment rounds out the top five.

Sixth place goes to Woolim Entertainment (SM C&C) and Jellyfish Entertainment gets seventh place. Next, Cube Entertainment is eighth while ninth place is taken by Pledis Entertainment.

Take a look at the rankings with more details below:

1. SM Entertainment: 3,297,688 albums (45.84 percent)

2. Big Hit Entertainment: 563,022 albums (7.83 percent)

3. YG Entertainment: 542,587 albums (7.54 percent)

4. JYP Entertainment: 332,705 albums (4.62 percent)

5. FNC Entertainment: 324,807 albums (4.51 percent)

6. Woolim Entertainment (SM C&C): 301,630 albums (4.19 percent)

7. Jellyfish Entertainment: 280,412 albums (3.9 percent)

8. Cube Entertainment: 223,280 albums (3.1 percent)

9. Pledis Entertainment: 175,522 albums (2.44 percent)

10. Other: 1,152,911 albums (16.02 percent)

What are your thoughts on these rankings?

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