Song Ji Hyo Transforms Into a Total Fangirl When Park Bo Gum Calls Her on “Running Man”

On April 3’s episode of “Running Man,” Song Ji Hyo shows her fangirl side when she gets to meet actor Park Bo Gum!

This week, the show marks the upcoming general elections in South Korea by having each member try to recruit their own voters by fulfilling their wishes. Song Ji Hyo’s mission is to recruit a supporter who shares the same Chinese Zodiac sign as her.

She already knows that Park Bo Gum is twelve years younger than her and therefore a perfect fit because she’d been hoping he would be her partner in a previous Zodiac sign-themed episode. So naturally her fangirl self takes over and she sets out to recruit him!

She first has to get his phone number, so she calls up Park Bo Gum’s “Reply 1988” co-star Ryu Jun Yeol. When she asks him for Park Bo Gum’s number, he jokes, “Can I ask Park Bo Gum and get back to you?”

Kim Jong Kook, who’s sitting next to Song Ji Hyo, bursts out laughing at this, and yells into her phone, “That’s right, you have to ask!”

kim jong kook song ji hyo

When Ryu Jun Yeol sends her a text message with Park Bo Gum’s number, Song Ji Hyo jumps up and yells “It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!” She gets through to Park Bo Gum’s manager, who says that the actor is busy at the moment but could meet her in half an hour.

“What should I do for half an hour?” she wonders to herself after the call, but then rests her head against her phone and says happily, “I’ll be going to meet Park Bo Gum in half an hour!” She then starts singing Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending” to herself.

song ji hyo running man

Later, Song Ji Hyo is sitting in a cafe when the call from Park Bo Gum comes! She is absolutely thrilled when she hears his voice, and screams and flails a bit in her chair. She explains her mission to him and offers to go to wherever he is, but he kindly says he’ll come to her instead.

song ji hyo running man 4

Song Ji Hyo is floored by his kindness, and the pair agree to meet in front of a museum that’s nearby both of them. Once she gets off the call, she pumps her fist and says, “Yes! Now I have to go meet Park Bo Gum!” and runs out of the cafe.

When Park Bo Gum comes up and surprises her at the museum, she screams with shock and then excitement.

She explains the mission to Park Bo Gum again, and asks him if he has any wish he’d like her to fulfill. But he shocks her when he says, “Please take a selfie with me and give me your autograph!”

song ji hyo park bo gum

The pair then happily take photos together and give each other their autographs, as Song Ji Hyo gushes over his kindness and thanks him for taking the time to meet her despite his busy work schedule.

song ji hyo park bo gum 2

Watch Song Ji Hyo meet Park Bo Gum in the full episode below! Their meeting starts at around the 45:00 mark.

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