Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin Have a Romantic Getaway in Bali


Romance in Bali!

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Episode three of “We Are in Love” continues with Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin’s first date at the jjimjilbang (Korean bathhouse). After their massages, Ji Hyo leads Bolin to the game room where they settle on playing a balloon darts game to continue their competition. Ji Hyo once again loses rock-paper-scissors and has to play first. She impressively knocks out 3 balloons. During Bolin’s turn, evil Ji Hyo keeps poking Bolin, causing him to miss his targets. In the end however, much to Ji Hyo’s dismay, Bolin ends up winning four-three.

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Next up, our couple plays the Pirate Roulette game, where Ji Hyo hilariously loses in rock-paper-scissors again, and has to start first. After only her second try she loses the game, as the pirate pops out of the barrel. Poor Ji Hyo! She is particularly upset at losing every game, since she’s known as the Goddess of Luck on “Running Man.” For some reason all that luck passed on to Bolin today, while Ji Hyo seems to have taken on “Running Man” member Lee Kwang Soo’s luck.

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The night draws on and our couple is preparing to part ways. Ji Hyo waits for Bolin in the lobby after getting changed, when she receives a text from Bolin to meet him at DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza). She arrives at the destination and follows the instructions to follow the hearts on the ground. As she walks down the path, the street lights start to light up. From a distance, Bolin starts walking toward her, while little flower lights light up all around them, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Cue: Bo Bo’s romantic speech.

Bolin: It’s the coldest day today, but it should also be the warmest day as well. What do you think? (Expectant look on his face)

Ji Hyo: It’s a bit unconvincing to say to say “it’s warm”; it’s really cold. (Crow caw sound effect plays. The mood is broken. Ji Hyo breaks out in laughter)

Unfazed, Bo Bo puts his arm around Mo Mo’s waist and continues. Mo Mo swoons and blushes. Ah, so do the viewers Mo Mo, so do we.

Bolin: Next time I will take you to other places, and I will take you to eat delicious food. I won’t let you be so cold.

While holding hands, the two bid each other farewell.

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In the next scene, it’s been a while since the Bo Bo-Mo Mo couple have met. Bolin has chosen Bali, Indonesia for their vacation, as the last time they met in Korea it was really cold.

Inside a car, Bolin is driving them to their resort as the two catch up. Ji Hyo asks Bolin if he’s ever driven in Bali before. When he says it’s his first time, Ji Hyo is visibly concerned, but Bolin assures her that it’s okay, since they drive on the same side in his country. Still, Ji Hyo instinctively grabs onto the handle above her seat.

Bolin then brings up a topic of conversation, which makes Ji Hyo feel nervous and embarrassed.

Bolin: Last week, I watched Running Man. They kept talking about us on the show. How is Gary doing?

Ji Hyo: It’s not that… Gary is doing good. (Looking flustered and laughing at Bolin’s teasing) The members really like you and they want to meet you.

Bolin: I really want to meet everyone as well. It should be fun.

Ji Hyo: Oh, why don’t you come on Running Man?

Bolin: Okay, okay!

Ji Hyo: We can rip each other’s name tags!

I can just imagine it now, Bolin on “Running Man.” Oh, the jokes that would be thrown around. A little bit of awkwardness, a bit of jealousy, a lot of competitiveness, a lot of laughs, and all in good fun.

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They soon arrive at their resort and they’re in awe at how beautiful it is. After exploring, they sit by the poolside to relax and enjoy some drinks. Bolin points out Jihyo’s pretty pedicure, with Ji Hyo responding that she can apply nail polish on his toes later. Bolin is totally down with the idea and asks what colors she has. Amusingly, Ji Hyo says she only has pink.


Later they meet up in the living room, after individually unpacking their luggage. Ji Hyo tells Bolin that she brought him gifts. Bolin laughs when she hands him a small metal lunch container. He opens it up and it’s actually a handmade candle from Ji Hyo. She explains that she put it in the lunch box so it would be easier for him to carry when he travels overseas. Bolin is very touched by the gift and happily smells the other candles she made.

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Ji Hyo is suddenly scared by a locust on the threshold of the open living room door (she has a deep fear of insects), so Bolin suggests they go out to the beach. They arrive at the beach and start playing happily in the water. They draw a giant heart in the sand with their nicknames inside, and Bolin gives Ji Hyo a piggyback ride around the beach. Everything feels so romantic!

Ji Hyo explains, “This is exactly the feeling that I long for. He piggybacks me at the seaside; it’s sweet. The atmosphere here is very subtle. I had a great day today.”

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In the behind-the-scenes interview, Ji Hyo says she’s touched by Bolin, because he notices every little detail about her. In her eyes he’s cute and special.

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Bolin suggests if they are far away from each other, they should have some secret signs. Bolin says number two in Mandarin also sounds like hungry. So Ji Hyo uses her two fingers as bunny ears to say she’s hungry. They also make a new sign by using their index finger and flick it in front of their nose to represent that they should go. It’s raining, so the two leave.


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After the rain, Bo Bo and Mo Mo go on a boat ride and enjoy the great scenery, while watching other tourists having fun playing water sports.

Bolin: Did you ever come to Bali with your family?

Ji Hyo: I came with my mom and dad once, but we didn’t play these water sports. We just ate and swam.

Bolin: There seems to be other kinds of water sports, like wakeboarding. I haven’t tried it before.

Ji Hyo: You haven’t? I have.

Bolin: Are you really good?

Ji Hyo: No, I’m not very good. My younger brother is really good at wakeboarding. So if you don’t mind, I can ask my brother to come.

Bolin is shocked that Ji Hyo’s younger brother has joined them, but he feels happy that she invited her family member to have fun together, because it means that she trusts him. Ji Hyo introduces her brother Sung Moon to Bolin, who points out that the siblings really look alike. Sung Moon begins giving Bolin a lesson on how to stand up from the sitting position for wakeboarding.

After the lesson, they head out to the water to wakeboard. Sung Moon goes first and sure enough, he’s really good at wakeboarding, even performing some difficult tricks. Next up is Ji Hyo. This girl said she’s not very good, but there she is holding the bar with one hand like it’s nothing. Bolin is highly impressed by the siblings and feels a lot of pressure to be able to wakeboard as well. It’s finally Bolin’s turn. According to Ji Hyo, it’s very difficult for a beginner to be able to stand up on the first try. Sure enough, after three tries, Bolin fails to stand up. Bolin isn’t one to give up, and after a few more tries, is able to stand up briefly before falling back down into the water. Ji Hyo and Sung Moon cheer Bolin on.

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Oh man, I just gotta say that Ji Hyo has some nice legs! I mean Ji Hyo is totally body goals. All those years of running on “Running Man” definitely kept her in shape, though she rarely showed her legs on the show. Also, a huge yes to Bolin to appearing as a guest on “Running Man.” I can already imagine the other members teasing Bo Bo and Mo Mo already. They can just invite Seolhyun again, to partner with Gary to make things even haha. I laughed so hard when Bolin suddenly asked Ji Hyo how Gary was doing. It’s hilarious how she always gets teased on both shows.

I thought it was so funny that Ji Hyo invited her brother to the trip as well, like a third wheel. The shocked look on Bolin’s face was hilarious, but I can totally understand because it’s almost like meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time. Also, I think Sung Moon is so handsome and super fit. I need him to teach me how to wakeboard too!

Have you seen the episode yet? What did you think?


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