12 K-Pop Artists That Have Released Anime Theme Songs

While many K-pop artists have branched out into the Japanese market, only a few have actually had the opportunity to sing a theme song for an anime series.

With Japan being such a huge market, having their song heard on television could easily give a huge boost in popularity abroad.

TVXQ – “We Are”

“One Piece” 10th opening song, 2009

TVXQ, being hugely popular in Japan for many years, has released several songs for “One Piece,” one of the most widely known anime series.

Also see:
TVXQ – “Share The World” (“One Piece” 11th opening song, 2009)
TVXQ – “Asu wa Kuru Kara” (“One Piece” 17th ending song, 2006)

BoA – “Every Heart”

“Inu Yasha” 4th ending song, 2002

A classic ballad song from early in BoA’s career.

Also see:  BoA – “Masayume Chasing” (“Fairy Tale” 15th opening song, 2014)

Younha – “Houkiboshi” (Comet)

“Bleach” 3rd ending song, 2005

Just like BoA, Younha was also popular in Japan right after debuting at a young age. She was nicknamed the “Oricon Comet” for her success on charts.

Also see:
Younha – “Te wo Tsunaide” (“Jyu Oh Sei” ending song, 2006)
Younha – “Kioku” (“Rideback” ending song, 2009) 
Younha – “Hakanaku Tsuyoku” (“Kiba” 2nd opening song, 2007)

A Pink – “Brand New Days”

“Rilu Rilu Fairilu” opening song, 2016

While A Pink released Japanese singles in the past, this was their first Japanese release that wasn’t a remake of a past Korean track.


Boyfriend – “Hitomi No Melody”

“Detective Conan” 44th ending song, 2013

As Detective Conan is a hugely popular and long running anime, Boyfriend had the honor of singing one of its ending songs.

2PM – “Take Off”

“Ao No Exorcist” 1st ending song, 2011

This was also 2PM’s debut Japanese song.

Secret – “Twinkle Twinkle”

“Naruto SD:Rock Lee Go” 1st ending song

It is also interesting to note that one of the main characters of the anime, Guy, famously did KARA’s “Mister” dance during an episode.

MBLAQ – “Baby U!”

“Beezelbub” 4th opening, 2011

This was the group’s second Japanese single.

FTISLAND – “Neverland”

“Ozuma” opening, 2012

With FTISLAND being very popular in Japan, it is no surprise that they have sung for anime soundtracks.

Also see: FTISLAND – “Satisfaction” (“Toriko” 1st ending song, 2011)

CNBLUE – “In My Head”

“Supernatural” ending song

This was CNBLUE’s first major debut single in Japan. They previously released singles while under a smaller label.

U-KISS – “Dear My Friend”

“Arashi no Yoru ni Himitsu no Tomodachi,” 2012

J-Min – “Change”

“Hanasakeru Seishounen” 1st opening

While this SM soloist isn’t as widely known as others from her agency, some might remember J-Min from her OST track “Stand Up” from the drama “To The Beautiful You.”

Also see:  J-Min – “One” (“Hanasakeru Seishounen” 1st ending)

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