Kim Jong Kook Gets Told He Needs to Take a Dope Test

On the latest episode of “Running Man,” Kim Jong Kook shows off his strength with a showdown against… a juicer.

Kim Jong Kook wasn’t actually present for filming for the episode, which aired on April 10, due to the fact that he was in China for an awards ceremony. However, he did film a challenge alone while he was in China, and the members watch the video to see the results.

The challenge is to see whether Kim Jong Kook can get more juice out of a bunch of oranges than a juicer can. The juicer goes first, filling the cup up just shy of the line marked by the producers. In a show of power, Kim Jong Kook squeezes more juice out of the oranges by hand than the juicer could, filling the up all the way up to the line.

kim jong kook oranges2

Seeing this, the members shout, “How could he have beaten the juicer?” and “He needs to take a dope test,” much to the amusement of the viewers.

Watch the latest episode below!


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