Seo Eon and Seo Jun Fall Head Over Heels for Girl’s Day’s Yura on “The Return of Superman”

As part of Lee Hwi Jae’s “2 Days & 1 Night”-inspired trip with his twin boys in April 10’s episode of “The Return of Superman,” he invites Girl’s Day member Yura to be their special “morning angel”!

Yura arrives at their guest house dressed as Anna from the boys’ favorite film “Frozen,” and sings “Love Is an Open Door” from the soundtrack to wake them up. The boys are smitten right away, and don’t even want her to leave to go make them breakfast!

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After she serves them breakfast, Yura changes out of her costume to take each of the twins out on a date. Seo Eon is up first, and she takes him to a dessert cafe where they have cake and share a couple’s straw as they drink juice. Seo Eon asks her, “Where did you come from?” and Yura replies with a laugh, “I’m from Seoul. I’m 25 years old, but you’ll still call me noona, right?” Seo Eon happily agrees to do this.

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Meanwhile, Seo Jun is back at the guest house sadly looking out the window as he waits for Yura to return. However, he doesn’t have to be sad for long, because Yura soon comes back and takes him on his own special date.

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Yura and Seo Jun ride in a rickshaw together in a popular historical district of Seoul, and Seo Jun looks absolutely thrilled to be together with her. Yura asks him if he knows her name, and he replies seriously, “Anna.” Yura laughs and asks him, “Do I seem like a princess?” and Seo Jun says without any hesitation, “Yes, you look like a princess.”

Seo Jun also tells her that he’s older than his brother, which isn’t true, and Yura asks him which twin he thinks is more handsome. “Me!” he replies.

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They then go to an accessory shop where Yura helps Seo Jun pick out some sunglasses, and he selects a cute hairpin for her.

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Watch Yura’s cute dates with Seo Eon and Seo Jun in April 10’s episode of “The Return of Superman” below!


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