10 Reasons Why Luhan Is Adorkable on

Hurry Up, Brother,” a Chinese remake of the popular Korean variety show “Running Man,” just added former EXO member Luhan last season to the main cast, and he is adorkable. Here are ten reasons why you can’t help but love him on the show.

1. Seeing him learn the ropes as the maknae and newest recruit.

Look at how giddy he is before and after ripping his first name tag.

2. “We can sabotage the equipment? You can do that?”

No, don’t ruin his innocence already!


3. Him nailing the deer in headlights look.

I mean, he is nicknamed Bambi after all.


4. But don’t get him mad, or Bambi becomes a deranged buck and WILL tear your name tag.

I fear for the pink team that he is chasing after.

5. His other nickname is “a gust of Lu” because of his lightning speed.

Wait..was that a deer? A human? No, it was Luhan!

6. Always looking good, even with mud on him.


7. Except for in the morning, that is.

“Who am I? Where am I?”


8. And did you know he can solve a Rubik’s cube?!

You will want to take notes while watching this because he answers random questions about himself while solving it.

9. Add playing the piano to his list of talents too.

Yeah, there is nothing this dork cannot do.

10. Look, he is even doing acrobatics.

I think this is his newfound talent.

Catch Luhan and the other six cast members including Angelababy, Deng Chao, Chen He, Wong Cho Lam, Zheng Kai, and Li Chen in the upcoming season premiere this Friday, April 15, at 9:10 p.m China time (April 14 at 6:10 a.m PST.)

Have you seen “Hurry up, Brother” before? Excited to see more Luhan on it? Let us know your thoughts below!


squishysushi is a self-professed drama addict that aims to spread the Asian drama love. She swears by a diet of dramas and travel as the secret to life. You can help fuel her addictions by following her blog.

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