Wanna Be the Next Big Star? “Superstar K 2016” Needs You Now!

Get excited, because Korea’s No.1 audition program “Superstar K” is coming back! Since 2009, “Superstar K” has discovered artists such as Seo In Guk, Huh Gak, John Park, Ulala Session, Busker Busker, Togeworl, Roy Kim, Jung Joon Young, Dickpunks, Hong Dae Kwang, Yoo Seung Woo, Kim Feel, and more!

This year, “Superstar K” is breaking with tradition, and abandoning the numbered-name! Instead of being called “Superstar K 8,” this year’s contestants will compete under the name “Superstar K 2016.”

This is a call to arms to all aspiring singers! Think you got what it takes? Come on and prove your skills on “Superstar K 2016,” auditions are live now, so what are you waiting for?

Audition Period: April 11, 2016 – July 10, 2016

Application Process

For Korean Speakers:

  1. Add the KakaoTalk Plus Friend “엠넷” (Mnet) on KakaoTalk
    • To Add: Search “엠넷” in the KakaoTalk Plus Friend section, after searching click the “Add Friend” button on Mnet’s profile!
    • Click here for a direct link to Mnet’s profile.
  2. In the Mnet chatroom type click the “지원하기” (Apply) button to immediately start your application!
  3. Record your best song (2 minutes maximum), and your application is done!

For Non-Korean Speakers:

Apply directly on mnet.com by uploading video of you singing. Click here for the application page.

In addition, in-person overseas auditions are planned to take place in the USA at Shepard University in Los Angeles, Berklee College of Music in Boston, and Born Star Training Center in New York. For more information, visit the official Facebook of “Superstar K 2016.”

  • LA / May 14 (Sat.) / Shepherd University
  •  Boston/ May 18 (Wed.) / Berklee College of Music (practice room)
  •  New York / May 20 (Fri.) / Born Star Training Center

Stop sitting around and get your vocal chords ready for “Superstar K!” Good luck!


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