Suzy, Hyomin, Sooyoung, Yesung, and Many More Head to the Polls to Vote on Election Day

On April 13, many celebrities went to the polls to vote in South Korea’s 20th legislative election!

The polls opened at 6 a.m. on April 13, with 13,837 polling locations across the country. Actors, idols, and more were spotted at polling stations as they cast their vote in the elections despite busy schedules. miss A’s Suzy, for example, was seen voting at a school in Gangnam before she headed to a dinner to celebrate the end of wrapping up filming for her new drama “Uncontrollably Fond.”

suzy 2 suzy 1

T-ara’s Hyomin was also captured on camera at the polling station.

hyomin 2

Many more stars also shared photos of themselves on social media and encouraged their fans to get involved in the democratic process by going out to vote. Check out some celebrities’ voting proof shots below!

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung:

A photo posted by Sooyoung Choi (@hotsootuff) on

Super Junior‘s Yesung:

여러분의 권리를 행사할 시간입니다 투표하러가세요 ~ ☀️ #투표 #총선 #2016 A photo posted by Yesung (@yesung1106) on

Super Junior‘s Ryeowook:


권리행사완료 A photo posted by 설리가진리 (@jin_ri_sul) on


권리행사완료 A photo posted by Choiza (@choiza11) on

Rainbow‘s Hyunyoung:

Rainbow‘s Noeul:

Rainbow‘s Jisook:

투표 완료!! 여러분들의 소중한 권리! 오늘 꼭 행사하세요! #오늘은투표날 #뿌듯함은덤

A photo posted by 레인보우 지숙 (@jisook718) on

Brown Eyed GirlsJeA:

A photo posted by jea (@jeaworld) on

Kim Min Jae:

오늘은 4.13 총선 여러분의 소중한 한 표를 꼭 행사해 주세요!

A photo posted by 김민재 ( on

BEAST‘s Dongwoon:

투표합시다! 쉬는날이 아닙니다 잠깐다녀오세요 A photo posted by @realbeastdw on

BTOB‘s Changsub:

투표하고 왔습니다^^

A photo posted by 이창섭 (@lee_cs_btob) on

CNBLUE‘s Lee Jong Hyun:

날씨 좋구만!ㅎ 그래도 투표는 하고 떠납시다 !ㅎ A photo posted by 이종현 (@cnbluegt) on


저도투표인증!!!!^^ A photo posted by 김유이 (@uieing) on

B1A4‘s Shinwoo:

투표 꼭 하세요. GET OUT AND VOTE ! A photo posted by REALCNU (@realcnu) on

B1A4‘s Sandeul:

투표합시다~ #산들 #투표 #화이팅 #삼총사도 #화이팅 A photo posted by SANDEULSANDEUL (@sandoriganatanatda) on

B1A4‘s Gongchan:

모두모두 투표합시다~~ #선거 #투표 A video posted by gongchan (@gongchanida) on


#투표 A photo posted by 세븐 SE7EN (@se7enofficial) on

Jang Na Ra:

아부지랑 투표하러! 소중한 한표. 꼭 투표하셔요!꼭~이요! A photo posted by 장나라 (@nara0318) on

Han Groo:

A photo posted by 한그루 (@hanguru0529) on

VIXX‘s Hyuk:

Dal Shabet‘s Soobin:

Dal Shabet‘s Serri:

A photo posted by 세리(@shabet_serri) on

Baek Ah Yeon:

Plenty of celebrities also chose to vote before April 13 at advance polls, including AOA’s Seolhyun, Secret‘s Hyosung, and TWICE. Here are just a few of their photos below! Seolhyun: seolhyun 1 seolhyun 2 Hyosung: hyosung TWICE’s Jihyo, Nayeon, and Jungyeon:

A photo posted by TWICE (@twicetagram) on

Heo Young Ji:

Meanwhile, this was the first year that many idols were able to vote, including the members of TWICE above, Hyuk, and lots more.

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