Sechs Kies Show Their Age As They Practice For “Infinite Challenge”

Legendary idol group Sechs Kies have reunited for season two of “Totoga!”

The April 16 broadcast of MBC variety show “Infinite Challenge” shows the members of the old school idol group as they prepare for their guerilla concert.

Sechs Kies members Eun Ji Won, Kang Sung Hoon, Kim Jae Duk, Lee Jae Jin, and Jang Soo Won all gathered in one place and since it was a top secret project, only Yoo Jae Suk and Haha were present at the recording for the “Infinite Challenge” members.

Sechs Kies are preparing for a guerilla concert as well as a “Hanamana” event, in which they will have to go to a secret location and perform, not knowing where they are going. With the exception of sixth member Go Ji Yong, who is active in the business industry, the members gather to first pass the test to be on the “Totoga” program. They need to sing their own songs and receive a 95 or higher on the karaoke machine in order to be featured on the show.

After starting off with “Com’Back,” they transition into their other songs, including “The Way This Guy Lives,” “School Song,” and “Chivalry.” Although Kang Sung Hoon is able to recall the choreography, the other members struggle as they try to remember the dances to their many songs.

Moreover, another problem arises as they find difficulty breathing and keeping up with their fast paced songs. They collapse after each of the three songs but finally, they are able to pass the score of 95 and they sing their most famous song “Couple” to celebrate.

Sechs Kies

The only thing remaining was to get their last member Go Ji Yong to join the show and so Haha and Yoo Jae Suk are charged with the next task to find him and persuade him to come back with the other members, who begin their practice for the guerilla concert.

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