f(x) Member Victoria's Studio Addresses Rumors of Her Dating Her Manager

f(x)’s Victoria is swept up in dating rumors once again, this time with her own manager.

Previously, Victoria was rumored to be dating Chinese actor Yang Yang, and the growing rumors regarding her manager have been causing difficulty for the idol.

On April 19, Victoria’s personal studio posted an statement on their official Weibo, denying the baseless and malicious rumors, warning they will suspend all harmful online activity. It says:

“We will make a statement, below, regarding the Sina Weibo user who spread rumors about Victoria, and hurt her honor and dignity as a human being.

Recently, a rumor regarding Victoria and her manager’s relationship was brought up by a profit-seeking Weibo account, and quickly became widespread. Because of this, the public misunderstood and criticized Victoria, posting malicious comments. As a result, Victoria’s image has been tarnished, and her personal honor and dignity have been damaged. Her life has become abnormal, and even her work life has been negatively affected.

This studio will reveal the truth, and is releasing this statement to protect Victoria’s image, personal honor and dignity.

First, the rumor stated above has no evidence to support it. It is false, and is a subjective and malicious rumor. Victoria’s honor and dignity as a person has been hugely damaged because of it. We ask that you stop these actions that violate the rights of others as well as expect the related post to be deleted and no longer be an influence.

Second, this studio hopes the media as well as the general public will fully recognize the truth and law, and will refrain from spreading rumors as truth, in any form.

Words that hold no truth will be stopped by those who are wise. This studio, in Victoria’s stead, thanks the public for their interest and love. Victoria promises to always be sincere, as well as have a level of professionalism, and repay everyone with a good production.”

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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