9 Reasons Why BTS Reminds Us Of Shinhwa

Yes, you read the title right. The parallels between the legendary six-member group Shinhwa, debuting in 1998 and still going strong, and BTS, one of K-pop’s hottest groups at the moment, have some uncanny similarities. We’ve put together nine things we see BTS and Shinhwa sharing in common.

1. The member that can do it all

Before the golden maknae, Jungkook, who is known for being able to do it all — dance, sing, and rap — Shinhwa has always had a very similar member. The multi-talented Minwoo is often in the center of choreography, with a fair amount of lines, and typically showing off his rhymes. The two superstars are always showing off their talent and charming fans, young and old.


2. Songs that defy society

Both BTS and Shinhwa have been known for their music that express a defiance toward society and resistance to conforming. For example, Shinhwa’s “Yo!” from their second album is well-known for its opposition toward doing what adults tell kids to do.

Similarly, BTS’s second hit “N.O” says it all in the title itself. The song is about being yourself and not succumbing to the pressures from society and adults.

3. Playful songs

While they both have songs that may seem darker and fighting off oppression, Shinhwa and BTS also both have plenty of songs that also show their light-hearted side.

For example, Shinhwa’s “Eusha! Eusha!” is a song dreaming about summer fun.

BTS’s hit “Boyz with Fun” says it all in the title!

4. Mysterious leaders

While Rap Monster and Eric both have these mysterious auras that make them seem cool and nonchalant, all the Shinhwa Changjos and ARMYs out there know that this is in fact not the case. They are full of charisma on stage, but off stage, they are absolute dorks and often the butt of many of their members’ jokes. It’s incredible how they can have us all fooled when they are on stage.


5. Made for variety shows

Whether it’s dancing to girl group songs or imitating other members, both Shinhwa and BTS are always a joy to watch on variety shows. They make us laugh until our sides hurt, yet can really tug at our heart strings and move us to tears. Whatever show they’re on, whatever activity they’re doing or whatever topic they’re discussing, Shinhwa and BTS were both made for variety.

Check out this clip of Shinhwa killin’ it on “X-Man,” a popular variety show many new idols grew up watching, playing Dangyunhaji, a game where you can only reply to your opponent with the phrase “of course.”

And here’s BTS playing the same game against each other.

6. Athleticism

Not only are both groups clearly beast-dols, they exemplify superior athleticism, regardless of age. They are both overly competitive and win, most of the time, due to their superior skills and incredible physiques.

Here’s a clip of BTS dominating the 400m relay race in the 2015 Idol Star Athletics Championship.

Shinhwa also demonstrates their athletic ability on “X-Man” where we see pushing, shoving, and wrestling.

7. Blackhole member

These two idol groups would not be complete without their blackhole members. BTS’s V and Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan are both known for their unique and intriguing antics. They are in their own world most of the time and make jokes that only they understand, which also pretty much means that no one else gets it.

Here are some of BTS’s most awkward moments.

And here’s a story about Kim Dongwan that the members still won’t let him live down.

8. Difficult choreography

Choreography seems to be a hot topic among both groups. Whether it’s members complaining about the difficulty as a group or individual members calling each other out for “bad” dancing skills, Shinhwa and BTS are both known for having difficult choreography to master, yet when on stage, appear to be dancing effortlessly.

Let’s see how Suga really feels about their choreography.

Check out this cover of BTS covering Shinhwa’s “Perfect Man,” one of their most famous hits.

Now, here’s a clip of Shinhwa members trying to figure out who is the “worst” dancer in the bunch with “Perfect Man’s” choreography.

9. The dedication

Last but not least, Shinhwa and BTS both know what it feels like to work hard and not have things turn out the way they expected. Although BTS swept many newcomers awards, they did not win their first music show win until a year and half after their debut with “I NEED U.” Similarly, Shinhwa’s first album was not a success amidst the IMF crisis. Fortunately, their next album T.O.P was a hit and really put them on the map. They also did not win the grand prize award at any end of the year shows until 5 years after their debut when many other groups who debuted around the same time as them were met with success early on.

So don’t be down, ARMYs. BTS’s hard work will pay off soon enough, their only barrier seems to just be time.

Can you think of any more parallels between Shinhwa and BTS? Let us know in the comments below!

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