8 Reasons Why We Love YoonA In “God of War, Zhao Yun”

After a three year hiatus Girls’ Generation’s YoonA is finally back on the small screen with her first Chinese project, the wuxia drama “God of War, Zhao Yun.” She has garnered a lot of buzz with her leading role as the lovable Xiahou Qing Yi. Keep on reading to find out why she is perfect as Xiahou Qing Yi.

Warning: Spoilers below!

1. She looks gorgeous in historical costume.

No wonder both Zhao Zi Long (played by Chinese actor Lin Geng Xin) and Gao Ze (played by idol-turned-actor Kim Jeong Hoon) are both pining after her.Yoona_godofwar_07

2. She brings out Qing Yi’s playfulness, both on screen and off.


3. She looks fierce holding a sword.

Definitely do not want to get on her bad side.


4. Because if she declares war on you, it is game over.


5. See poor Zi Long as an example.

Mischief managed.


6. And do not be like Gao Ze, thinking you can control her just because she is your fiancée.

This girl doesn’t buy that crap.


7. If you try to, she has a natural weapon that you can’t resist.

“We grew up together, you know I don’t change my mind easily. But the thing I was most scared of when we were little is…..you crying….dang it.” Yeah, nice try Gao Ze. Another win for Qing Yi.

8. She is quick to recognize her feelings and is not afraid to make it known.

Go Team Zi Long Qing Yi!

Curious who Qing Yi will end up with? Catch the latest episode of “God of War, Zhao Yun” at Viki. Are you enjoying watching YoonA as Xiahou Qing Yi? Sound out below!

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