Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin Show Much Affection at a Baseball Game

Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin enjoyed a fun baseball game together for the Chinese show “We Are in Love.”

On April 23, Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin were invited to Taiwan Taoyuan Baseball Stadium to throw the first ball for the Lamigo Monkeys.

Once they were done throwing the first ball, the couple was seen cheering excitedly for the home team.

song ji hyo chen bolin2

The two even danced along to the cheering choreography and received the spotlight many times. When they were spotted on the big screen together, they covered their faces with their poster and showed a lot of skinship with each other.

song ji hyo chen bolin3

song ji hyo chen bolin4

During the game, Chen Bolin held Song Ji Hyo’s hand and showed a lot of affection towards her that day.

song ji hyo chen bolin6

song ji hyo chen bolin7

Fans can see more of Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin on “We Are in Love,” the Chinese version of “We Got Married.”

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