Watch: VIXX Takes 1st Win for “Dynamite” on “The Show,” Performances by Yesung, UP10TION, and More

VIXX has grabbed their first win for their new track “Dynamite” on SBS MTV’s “The Show”!

On April 26’s episode of “The Show,” VIXX goes up against UP10TION and Super Junior’s Yesung for the top place. VIXX takes the win with a score of 8,841 to UP10TION’s 5,493 and Yesung’s 7,496.

Ravi thanks the fans for always making them shine, and then thanks his fellow members for all their hard work. He also thanks their Jellyfish Entertainment staff and parents. The guys had promised a “magic show” if they won first place, and so they wave around a magic wand on stage during their encore.

Watch their performance and encore below!

Other performances from the show include Yesung, UP10TION, Park Boram, HISTORY, Laboum, Outsider, Boys Republic, Bigflo, Bloomy, Mintty, Red Cheek Puberty, Geum Jan Di, Snuper, Cra’Beat, Berry Good, and KNK. Check them out below!

Yesung – “Here I Am”

UP10TION – “Attention”

Park Boram – “Dynamic Love”

HISTORY – “Queen”

Laboum – “Fresh Adventure”


Boys Republic – “Get Down”

Bigflo – “When I Was Young”

Bloomy – “Because of You”

Mintty – “Already Go Lady”

Red Cheek Puberty – “Ring”

Geum Jan Di – “Let’s Live in Seoul”

Snuper – “Platonic Love”

Cra’Beat – “W8”

Berry Good – “Angel”

KNK – “Angel Heart”

Congrats to VIXX!

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