Is There A Possibility Of A Lovelyz U.S. Debut?

Famous American producer Brent Fischer has expressed an interest in helping girl group Lovelyz enter the U.S. music scene, and it’s garnering attention all over the music world.

Fischer is an American music producer and band master who’s won two Grammy awards. He’s known for composing and arranging for many famous pop stars including Prince, Michael Jackson, Vanessa Williams, Toni Braxton, Usher, Eric Benet, and more.

On April 27, Star News confirmed that Brent Fischer contacted Yoon Sang, who produced Lovelyz’s new album, conveying that he wished to support the group’s entrance to the American music market.

Fischer sent an email to Yoon Sang on April 25, complimenting “Destiny” as a really ingenious song with a world-class sound. He also went on to say that he was really impressed with Lovelyz’s voices.

After seeing the performance of their title song “Destiny,” it seems Fischer sent a “love call” to the group. The rookie girl group, who only debuted two years ago, seems to have a lot of potential.

Since Fischer, who has a big influence in the American pop market, is showing such interest in Lovelyz, it could mean that there is increased possibility of their entering the American music market. Lovelyz say that with the support from Fischer, they’ve gained strength and are enthusiastically looking into the possibility of an American debut.

In the meantime, their second mini album “A New Trilogy” was released at midnight on April 25.

The title song “Destiny” was produced by Yoon Sang and his team One Piece, with lyrics written by Jeon Gandhi and grooves taken from New Jack Swing. It certainly has a different feel to it than past Lovelyz songs, and has climbed charts as soon as it was released.

See the music video for “Destiny” below!

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