SEVENTEEN Shares Behind The Scenes Stories About Their Comeback

SEVENTEEN has returned with “Pretty U,” a song that shows off a new level of choreography with perfect synchronization that gives off the air of a musical with its unique concept.

On April 25, after releasing their new track, they jumped to the top of the music charts, joining the ranks of heavyweights like the “Descendants of the Sun” OST and entered the top three, exceeding the average charting of most boy groups out today.

Their album sales are impressive as well. They’ve surpassed 150,000 copies in preorder sales, coming in third behind EXO and BTS. Their momentum does not seem to have an end.

In an interview on April 28, Pledis Entertainment’s vice president Kim Yeon Soo said, “Although it is early to make judgments already, it cannot be denied that SEVENTEEN has reaped great results so far. Although we were hoping for some interest, we didn’t think the response would be good.”

However, it was revealed that intricate choreography for “Pretty U” was made only two weeks ago, meaning that they were able to create the incredibly performance in only two weeks.

Kim Yeon Soo said, “It was only due to the dedication and faithfulness of the SEVENTEEN members who did not come out of the practice room until they mastered the choreography.”

The secret can be found in their hard work, with members practicing so hard that it was difficult to even try to start a conversation with them when they were practicing.

The leaders of their respective units, S.Coups, Woozi and Hoshi worked hard in encouraging and creating a good environment and the other members also followed them well.

Kim Yeon Soo shared his desire that as much as they are feeling the growth of their fandom, he hopes that SEVENTEEN is able to wield a greater influence with their performance and music. When asked what he thought was the reason for their steep increase in popularity, he answered, “As idol music becomes the mainstream music, I think more people are realizing the charms of SEVENTEEN as they release high quality tracks and performances.”

He concluded, “Although it’s a bit embarrassing because it seems like I’m bragging about my children, our kids really do work hard. I am confident that because of how much they practice and how faithful they are, they will succeed in whatever situation you place them in.”

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