Update: AOA Drops Teaser Video For Comeback MV “Good Luck”

Update May 13 KST:

Are you ready for a glimpse of AOA’s comeback MV for their title track “Good Luck”? Watch a teaser video below!

Update May 12 KST:

AOA has revealed additional individual teaser images for their comeback!

Chanmi Choa Hyejeong Jimin Mina Seolhyun Yuna

Update May 12 KST:

AOA reveals the names and credits for the five tracks of their fourth mini album, “Good Luck.”


Update May 11 KST:

AOA is partying on the weekend in their second teaser for “Good Luck.” Watch it below!

Update May 10 KST:

AOA has now shared their first teaser for their comeback with “Good Luck”! Check it out below.

Update May 9 KST:

Beachside group teasers have been released.



Update May 6 KST:

ChoA, Jimin, Chanmi, and Hyejung rock a summer weekend look in AOA’s latest individual teaser photos.

aoa 3 aoa 1

aoa 4aoa 2

Update May 5 KST:

AOA has now shared new individual teasers of Seolhyun, Mina, and Yuna with a totally different concept. Check them out below!

aoa 1
aoa 2

aoa 3

Update May 4 KST:

AOA’s ChoA, Jimin, Chanmi, and Hyejung are looking great in the sun in their new individual teasers!





Update May 3 KST:

AOA’s Seolhyun, Mina, and Yuna are hitting the beach in the first individual teasers for the group’s comeback!

aoa 1

aoa 2

aoa 3

aoa 1

Update May 2 KST:

AOA has shared a teaser image and schedule for the release of their upcoming fourth mini album. They will be making their comeback on May 16!

aoa teaser

aoa schedule


AOA have just released a teaser for their upcoming comeback! The teaser is a photo posted to each of the group members’ individual Instagram accounts. The caption on each simply reads: “GUESS WHAT?”


A photo posted by jimin (@jiminbaby_18) on

The mysterious picture, which shows rocks, shells, and sticks laid out in a pattern on a sandy beach has left fans speculating what kind of concept AOA could be planning.

Following unit promotions with AOA Cream and Japanese promotions, AOA recently confirmed a mid-May comeback. This will be the group’s first comeback since the group released their third mini-album “Heart Attack” in June last year.

Specific comeback details have not been confirmed yet but this latest teaser has certainly heightened anticipation for what is sure to be another amazing comeback for the group.

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