I.O.I’s Jung Chaeyeon Names Top Three Visuals In The Group

I.O.I’s Jung Chaeyeon reveals her personal thoughts on the ranking of her fellow members in terms of looks in an interview with @star1 magazine.

In the interview, she names Kim Doyeon, Jun Somi, and Zhou Jieqiong (Pinky) as the top three visually gifted members of the group. She adds, “Kim Sohye and everyone have all become much prettier,” and explains that “it’s probably because we’ve adapted to being on camera.”

jung chaeyeon

jung chaeyeon

In the interview, Jung Chaeyeon also tells a story of how she met singer Min Kyung Hoon when she appeared on JTBC’s “Hidden Singer 4” as a member of DIA, and crossed paths with him again as a member of I.O.I on JTBC’s “Older Brother.” She jokingly shares, “But his character then and now are very different. I was shocked.”

Nevertheless, she is grateful to Min Kyung Hoon, as well as the other seniors who took care of them during recording.

kim sejung jung chaeyeon

kim sejung jung chaeyeon2

jung chaeyeon kim sejung

When asked how her life has changed after Mnet’s “Produce 101,” she responds, “The biggest difference is that many people recognize me now, so I’ve become more careful about how I act.”

After going through the show, she expresses that her skill and stamina are at their best condition so far and she now feels capable of taking anything on.

More stories and thoughts of the I.O.I members are revealed on the May issue of @star1.

jung chaeyeon

Who are your picks for I.O.I’s visual top three?

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