Jung Eun Ji Firmly Denies All Rumors Of Bullying In A Pink

A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji recently made an appearance on the May 2 broadcast of the JTBC variety show “Abnormal Summit.”

One of the topics of the episode was conspiracy theories. “There was an Internet rumor that I was an outcast in A Pink,” Jung Eun Ji shared. “In fact, every single member had a rumor at least once that they were being bullied.”

A Pink

But Jung Eun Ji clarified the rumors once and for all. “The people who spread the rumors made them up intentionally. They would take scenes where we were just by ourselves and edit the screenshots. When you believe something is true, everything you see is colored by that belief.”

MC Jun Hyun Moo said, “It must have been difficult because the rumors even got reported in the news.”

Abnormal Summit

Jung Eun Ji debuted with A Pink in 2011 under Plan A Entertainment (formerly A Cube Entertainment) and recently embarked on her solo career with the release of “Hopefully Sky.”

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