L.Joe’s Professionalism And Drumming Skills Surprise “Entertainer” Staff

The new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Entertainer” has released stills of Teen Top’s L.Joe on the drums, now completing the band needed in the drama.

In the stills, L.Joe is seen working hard on the drums, proved by his sweat and passionate eyes. L.Joe plays Seo Jae Hoon in the drama, an outstanding student attending Seoul University who got good grades because his mother pushed him to do so.

Filmed on April 27, L.Joe played the drums very passionately without looking tired. He surprised the staff members when he played so hard that he was drenched in sweat. Ji Sung actually watched L.Joe and monitored his performance, like a real manager. According to some reports, Ji Sung paid attention to L.Joe’s every little detail to help him land a memorable first impression in the drama.

L.Joe Entertainer1

The staff of “Entertainer” stated, “The band of ‘Entertainer’ will be complete in this week’s broadcast. The chemistry between the band members are so good that it’s lifting the mood of the filming set. We are continuing the shoot surrounded in a room full of energy. We will do our best to deliver this energy to the viewers as well. Please look forward to future episodes of ‘Entertainer,” filled with the actors’ passions.”

Watch the latest episode below:

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1101246v-entertainer-episode-4

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