Fans Leave Encouraging Messages For Kwanghee Following News Of Uee’s Relationship

Following the news of After School’s Uee’s new relationship, fans have been posting supportive messages on Kwanghee’s Instagram.

On May 3, Uee’s company, Pledis Entertainment, officially confirmed that she was in a relationship with actor Lee Sang Yoon. They stated that the two had started dating earlier this year.

As soon as the news came out, fans started writing warm and encouraging messages on Kwanghee’s personal Instagram, since he is well known for having a long-time crush on Uee.

Fan messages included, “Kwanghee, cheer up, don’t cry,” “Even if Uee is gone, you can still be friends,” and “Kwanghee fighting. There are lots of other girls.”


Kwanghee, who has always named Uee as his ideal type, was finally able to share a cozy dinner date with her last year on MBC’s “Infinity Challenge.”

At the time, Kwanghee told her, “I liked you, but since I had no confidence, I couldn’t properly confess.” To which Uee replied, “You’ve never truly said anything to me,” and “I always thought you were kidding.”

“No, it was a misunderstanding,” Kwanghee replied, “I really meant it,” and piqued interest with his sincere confession.

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