Watch: Jooheon Takes Jackson On A Roller Coaster Of Emotions With Prank On “Celebrity Bromance”

Thanks to MONSTA X member Jooheon’s prank on “Celebrity Bromance,” GOT7’s Jackson experiences a full spectrum of emotions, from happiness to intense disappointment, and then anger to total joy!

Jooheon arranges to meet with Jackson on the rooftop of a building, and promises to bring him a coffee. But instead, he decides to bring him lots of delicious food to try to make it up to Jackson for being unable to order fried chicken for him on their previous adventure.

But rather than just give him the dim sum he’s bought for him, Jooheon decides to eat part of it and hide most of the rest inside a vending machine, leaving only a tiny bit in the bag.

When Jackson arrives, he’s happy and touched to see that Jooheon’s brought him some food, but when he opens the bag, all he finds is a single piece left. His face falls and he asks Jooheon disappointedly, “What’s this?”

got7jackson 3

Jooheon laughs apologetically and replies, “I was hungry, so I ate some.”

“I think this is the end of our relationship,” says Jackson, and then starts to get angry. Jooheon makes things worse by asking Jackson to buy him a drink from the vending machine. “Do I look like a pushover to you?” he yells.

Although angry, he still takes the bait, and orders a drink for Jooheon at the vending machine. When he opens up the door, he finds all his food hidden inside!

got7 jackson 2

“Did you buy this?!” says Jackson, looking thrilled. “Surprise!” yells Jooheon.

Watch the full episode below, and be sure to turn on English subtitles!