Jin Goo Talks About A “Descendants Of The Sun” Spin-Off With High Cut

Actor Jin Goo has opened up about the possibility of a spin-off with just the Goo Won couple!

Style magazine High Cut revealed their pictorial with the actor that shows a more youthful and casual side to him. Different from the sharp image shown in the popular KBS drama “Descendants of the Sun,” Jin Goo is dressed in casual attire, including pajamas and a sleeveless shirt.

Jin Goo1 Jin Goo2

In the accompanying interview, he shared about his experiences filming the hit drama. When asked about the possibility of filming a spin-off with just the Goo Won couple with co-star Kim Ji Won, he answered, “If the viewers would allow it, I’d be very thankful. In my 14 years of acting, I’ve never filmed for something like a sequel and so I do want to experience it.”

When asked if he had a comrade like Yoo Shi Jin in real life, without hesitation, he talked about the president of his agency BH Entertainment, who has been with him since his debut. Jin Goo shared, “Thanks to having a dependable supporter like Son Suk Woo, I’ve never once felt despair and have always been happy. He has always lived for my happiness and now I want to live for his happiness as well.”

When asked about his “One Line” co-star Im Siwan, he said, “After I met him, I realized that he’s loyal, friendly, and loves alcohol. Before we started filming, I kept telling him that I would buy him drinks but after a few shoots for the movie, ‘Descendants of the Sun’ became like this and I haven’t been able to keep my promise.”

He continued, “Every time Siwan sees me, he complains that I’ve led him down a bad path and then escaped by myself. I feel bad,” as he laughed talking about his movie co-star.

You can check out more from this edition of High Cut when it is published on May 5.

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