MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Wants To Film A Nude Pictorial Like Shinhwa

On May 2, magazine The Star released a pictorial with rising boy group MONSTA X.

The pictorial, which was for The Star’s May issue, features the group in hoodies, shorts, and ripped jeans, going for a boyish teenager vibe. The clothes and their unique hairstyles cement their image as hip-hop idols.

jooheon monsta x

wonho monsta x

In the accompanying interview, the boys are asked what kind of pictorial they would like to shoot.

Minhyuk says, “I want to do a nude pictorial like Shinhwa.” (Veteran idol group Shinhwa released a nude photobook back in 2001.)

“We want to do a cool photo shoot that we can only do while we’re young,” he adds. (There is no word on how the other members felt about Minhyuk’s suggestion.)

shownu monsta x

Leader Shownu, who recently filmed for SBS’ “Law of the Jungle,” talks about being the maknae on the variety show. “I thought of our own maknae, I.M, a lot. It was a totally new experience. The Super Junior hyungs took good care of me but when I saw them, I thought I needed to act more like a hyung in MONSTA X as well.”

The rest of the photo shoot and the interview can be found in The Star’s May issue, available since April 26. Meanwhile, MONSTA X is planning to make a comeback on May 18 with their new album “The Clan.”

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