Jessica Comments On Kris And Her Solo Debut

Jessica recently appeared on a Chinese talk show and was asked about her favorite Chinese celebrities.

She answered, “I don’t know many male celebrities, but I like my friend Wu Yifan (Kris) and William Chan whom I filmed a movie with the most. As for females, I think Angelababy is pretty.”

Jessica complimented both Kris and William Chan as well. She commented, “Wu Yifan is kind and works hard. [He’s a] good friend.” She also praised William Chan and said, “He took good care of me and is very fun. I want to work with him again later.”

The star also talked about her debut solo album and revealed, “The preparation process was long. It took a long time as I went to various countries to prepare in order to show a good image.” She also showed her affections for her fans as she discussed how she wants to repay the love she has received from them.

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