Luhan Gets Banned From Entering Taiwan

It has recently been revealed that Luhan has been officially banned from entering Taiwan for five years.

Various Chinese media outlets have reported that Luhan got into hot waters after filming for Chinese variety show “Back to School” in Taiwan with a tourist visa. A tourist visa prohibits working in the visiting country.

According to the reports, Taiwan’s immigration office said, “Luhan’s action of filming after entering with a tourist visa is subject to regulation. Luhan cannot enter Taiwan with a tourist visa for five years now. However, he can apply for a work visa after two years have passed.”

“Back To School” is the Chinese version of the Korean variety show “Off To School.” 8 cast members and 10 staff members have also received the same penalty for working under a tourist visa. The show has apologized for their mistake and attributed it to a lack of experience and foresight.

Meanwhile, “Back To School” is scheduled to air in June.

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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