Watch: TWICE Cracks Up “Weekly Idol” MCs With Their Hilarious Talents

On May 4’s episode of “Weekly Idol,” TWICE pays a visit to the studio and awes the MCs with their unique yet cute talents.

They are quite shy introducing themselves, but they turn into completely different people once music comes on. After completing the show’s signature corner “Random Play Dance,” the MCs take the time to look into each members’ backgrounds and talents.

The members go around showing their individual talents, and one of the most unique ones is Dahyun’s ability to touch her nose and chin with her tongue.

TWICE dahyun weekly idol

Tzuyu tries to do it, too, but fails adorably.

Tzuyu TWICE weekly idol

Later, Nayeon and Jungyeon confess that they’re avid drama lovers and show off their hilarious acting skills.

Watch clips of Dahyun and Nayeon showing off their talents below:

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