8 Reasons Why SHINee Is Our Everything

SHINee is one of K-pop’s super groups; these five boys have been cruising on top for eight years. They have just finished a circuit of concerts in North America, including their very first U.S. fanmeet, and it is only right to share why these handsome fellas have kept Shawols’ loyalty and hearts.

They can dance

Dance youngDance_Sherlock Dance_Lucifer

Boy, is that an understatement. From the get-go, SHINee has been defined by their incredibly synchronized dancing, complex choreography, and their ability to handle unique movement. Not only is their maknae Taemin a tour-de-force dance machine, but Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Onew also know how to shake their tail feathers to any new tunes they come out with.

The “Onew Condition”


Onew has one of the most unique voices in K-pop, a versatile range, and amazing power. He’s handsome, confident, slick-footed, and in control in music videos and while performing. But perhaps more than that, Shawols know him for what he’s like when he’s not singing, dancing or acting: a chicken-loving, klutzy guy with a penchant for awkward jokes and a goofy (but always charming) grin.

Dude looks like a lady

Girl TaeminGirl Jonghyun Girl Onew Girl Minho

When seeing SHINee in their everyday-wear and onstage it is difficult to imagine them as women. But, give them skirts and long hair, and they become quite the fetching group of damsels.

Taemin’s transformation from boy to man


Taemin started out as a cute maknae with a bowl cut and moves so hot he burned the floor. Now, he’s all grown up with abs of steel and stealing hearts of Shawols everywhere. This transformation seems to continually happen from year-to-year. He surprised us with maturing even more as he moved from his teens to his twenties. What will he be like next year?

The “SHINee Style”


K-pop is riddled with unique fashionistas and trendsetters, but SHINee has a unique style all their own. They have literally burst with color since they jumped into the scene in 2008. These boys continue to wear suits and sport hair colors that most men could not pull off. Of the five, Key leads the pack of shining SHINee members with his daring style and fashion sense.

Jonghyun the songwriter


Jonghyun is known as the chiseled main vocal with immense vocal flair, a cute dinosaur face, and his knack for soulful tunes. What he does behind the scenes is also as swoon worthy — he’s a songwriter. He has not only penned tunes for his solo album “Base” and multiple SHINee albums, but for fellow SHINee member Taemin, crooning singer IU, labelmates EXO, and talented youngster Lee Hi.

Individual success


Each member of SHINee can stand on his own. Onew, Minho, and Taemin have been spotted on television and in film. Key, Taemin, and Onew have appeared in musicals. Jonghyun is a radio host, songwriter, and DJ. Minho pens his own raps. Jonghyun and Taemin have debuted as solo artists. The list does not end here, and I’m sure there will be much more to add as their careers continue on.

They only get better with age

??? ?? SHINEE-recent

SHINee has been around since 2008. We’ve had eight beautiful years with them and part of the joy of being a Shawol is watching them grow and change. It’s so much fun to see them reach out creatively and try new things and join in as they share their creations with us.

Why do you think SHINee is amazing, Soompiers?

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