I.O.I Members Promised Each Other They Wouldn’t Cry When Disbanding In 10 Months

On May 5. I.O.I held a showcase for its debut album “Chrysalis.”

First of all, Kim Sejeong thanked the press and fans for being here, saying, “Thank you so much for coming here to see I.O.I on a holiday like today. I’ve always wanted to be successful, and I am so happy and fascinated to sense that feeling.”

Kim Sohye said, “We practiced every single day for our debut. We worked hard during ‘Produce 101,’ too, but I think we practiced two to three times harder. Please look forward to our activities.”

The oldest member Im Nayoung expressed her nervousness, saying, “I have a lot of responsibility as a leader. I hope fans will be understanding if they happen see a flaw in our first music broadcast performance.”

Choi Yoojung said, “We have debuted as a 11-member group from ‘Produce 101.’ Although I sensed our debut date approaching as more and more people recognized us outside, I still feel like a trainee when we go to our practice room and practice together.” She ended with, “We worked hard, so please give us lots of support.”

Although I.O.I members have been on the public’s radar ever since “Produce 101” and was the center of attention even before their debut, the group will be disbanding in about 10 months. The members honestly revealed how they feel about this and what their plans are for the 10 months they have.

Jeon Somi said, “We became I.O.I when we were all under different agencies as trainees. I.O.I will be disbanding after one year, unfortunately, but our goal is to not become sad and show the public that we can do well in various parts of the entertainment industry. We don’t want to say goodbye in tears. We want to part talking about good memories and experiences.”

Im Nayoung said, “I am honored just to be called the ‘nation’s girl group.’ I want to create valuable memories with them for 10 months. When I.O.I disbands and we each debut under our own agencies, we will remain strong and cheer each other on.”

As for how they will spend the year, Jeon Somi said, “We were able to debut because of you all. Thank you to all the viewers out there. We will promote hard to not disappoint the fans, so please keep watching.”

Im Nayoung said, “We think of ourselves as a chrysalis, not as a perfect butterfly yet. We will give our best to fly into the air, so please keep watching us with love.”

Meanwhile, I.O.I released its first mini-album “Chrysalis” on May 4 at midnight.

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