Lee Je Hoon Confesses About Fainting After Smoking For Film

Actor Lee Je Hoon confesses that he once fainted after smoking for his role in a film.

On May 5, KBS2’s talk show “Happy Together 3” aired an episode featuring Lee Je Hoon, Kim Sung Kyun, Moon Hee Kyung, and A-Pink’s Jung Eun Ji and Kim Namjoo, with the theme “All-Kill Men and Women Special.”

On the episode, Lee Je Hoon shares the story which occurred when he was shooting the movie “Bleak Night.”

lee je hoon

“I was 27 years old and had never smoked in my life,” he confesses. However, he wanted to play his role well so he started practicing.

The actor says that when they shot the film, he was smoking for a few takes and collapsed after the eighth. He reveals, “I was rushed to the emergency room. I was vomiting, given an IV drip, and nearly unconscious.”

Watch the full episode below!

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