Eun Ji Won Writes Message Of Thanks After Sechs Kies Reunion

Rapper, broadcaster, and Sechs Kies leader Eun Ji Won sent a heartfelt message to his fans.

On May 5, the rapper published a post entitled “To You Who I Love” on his official fan cafe, where he expressed his gratefulness to his fellow Sechs Kies members and the fans who continue to cheer them on.

He wrote, “During the past 16 years, the supporters of Sechs Kies must have greatly hated and resented me, but now it feels like I’ve been forgiven. I too have felt the urge and greed for a Sechs Kies reunion, and I am both thankful and sorry to the members and fans who kept trusting and waiting.”

After the first generation idol group was able to make their long-awaited reunion through MBC’s “Infinite Challenge,” Eun Ji Won conveyed the joy of being able to commemorate their debut after nearly 20 years.

On the fan cafe post, he repeatedly thanked the fans and the members who hung in there with him. “As leader of Sechs Kies, I also thank the staff of ‘Infinite Challenge’ who gave us the chance to stand on stage once again,” he added.

Sechs Kies has peaked once again through the show, with the Sechs Kies and “Infinite Challenge” collaboration drawing attention all throughout April.

The extravagant 19th anniversary reunion which Eun Ji Won and his agency helped organize themselves has opened even more opportunities for the group, with talks of a concert and a new album.

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