A Pink’s Kim Namjoo Shows Just How Big Her Mouth (Literally) Is On “Happy Together”

A Pink’s Kim Namjoo gives the big-mouthed MCs a run for their money on this week’s episode of KBS 2TV show “Happy Together.”

During the show, the hosts and guests have a competition to see whose mouth is bigger. They each put on lipstick and open their mouths as wide as possible as they plant their lips on the piece of glass.

Yoo Jae Suk

Despite formidable competition, including MCs Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myung Soo, they don’t come close to Kim Namjoo’s mouthspan record of 80 millimeters (approximately 2.76 inches). Park Myung Soo comes in a distant second with 60 millimeters.

Park Myung Soo

Fellow A Pink member Jung Eun Ji who also appeared as a guest can’t stop cracking up at the spectacle along with the rest of the guests present.

A Pink Kim Namjoo

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