Red Velvet’s Yeri And Ha Yeon Soo Are Adorable Doppelgangers

Actress Ha Yeon Soo revealed her close relationship with her doppelganger Red Velvet’s Yeri.

The actress first posted a photo of a signed album from Yeri on her Instagram. Along with the photo she wrote, “Signed CD from Yerim.” It appears as though the pair is quite close to one another as Ha Yeon Soo used Yeri’s birth name.

Yeri also wrote a message on the album saying, “To. Doppelganger unni Yeon soo unni. I love you. My writing is a mess kekeke. My family.”

Red Velvet Signed CD For Ha Yeon Soo

Following this post, Ha Yeon Soo uploaded a photo of them together and wrote, “Reunion! Pure and lovely dongsaeng Yerim. It is okay to be this loveable.” The affection these celebrity doppelgangers have for each other is quite obvious.

Do you think they look alike?

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