Did Lee Seo Jin Know About Co-Star Uee’s Relationship Status?

Actor Lee Seo Jin talked about his thoughts on Uee’s recent relationship news with Lee Sang Yoon.

During an interview, Lee Seo Jin talked about his “Marriage Contract” co-star After School’s Uee, saying, “I found out that she was dating through today’s news articles. I didn’t know about it till now.” He also laughed saying that he knew he was going to get a question about his opinion on her dating news.

“I didn’t know she was dating, but I had a feeling that she had a boyfriend when we were filming together,” Lee Seo Jin explained. “But she didn’t need to tell me that kind of thing; I don’t feel upset. I understand. Why should she open up to me about those things? I think I was able to film mellow scenes with her more comfortably because she didn’t tell me she had a boyfriend. If I knew her boyfriend was a fellow actor, I wouldn’t have been as comfortable as I was with her.”

Before Uee’s relationship news came out, fans of “Marriage Contract” teased Lee Seo Jin and Uee of being an actual couple since their chemistry seemed so natural. To this, Lee Seo Jin said, “She was hardworking and talented, so of course I liked and cared about her.”

Meanwhile, Uee’s relationship with actor Lee Sang Yoon went public on May 3.

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