A Pink’s Manager Is A Doppelgänger Of Lee Je Hoon?

On the recent episode of “Happy Together” on May 5, A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji and Namjoo showed how similar Lee Je Hoon looks to their manager.

First, Lee Je Hoon talks about not being able to date for six years, which he has mentioned previously in an interview for “Entertainment Weekly.” He says, “The last time I had the possibility of forming a relationship was four years ago. We didn’t get past the friendzone.”

lee je hoon happy together2

After watching him for a while, Eunji says, “He looks a lot like our manager. Our manager is known for his good looks that he even has his own fandom in China.”

lee je hoon happy together3

She continued, “We always talk about how he looks like Lee Je Hoon but even their personalities are similar. Our manager has trouble dating, too.”

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