Min Hyo Rin And Jessi Shed Tears Talking About Their Public Image

On the May 6 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Sister’s Slam Dunk,” members Min Hyo Rin and Jessi shared their feelings about their reputations.

Park Jin Young, who was a guest on the show, first asked Min Hyo Rin what thoughts have been on her mind lately.

“Since I haven’t been working for many years, I kept thinking that people hated me,” Min Hyo Rin shared.

Min Hyo Rin Unni's Slam Dunk

In a later interview she added, “I want to play diverse characters but because of my image I only play limited characters. I didn’t work for two years but kept monitoring online comments about me and I only saw negative things. After seeing a lot of negativity about my voice, I found it difficult to talk to other people. I was in a slump.”

Unni's Slam Dunk Jessi

When Min Hyo Rin mentioned her difficulty with typecasting because of her image, Jessi agreed. “There are a lot of people who misunderstand me. People only see me as a ‘strong unni.’ Honestly, it hurts me. I’m a person too. I can be tough, but it’s not like what people think.”


She added, “A strong unni is someone who is independent. I also worked really hard to get here. I think that’s what being a strong unni means.”

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