Watch: Eric Nam Is A Complete Gentleman For MAMAMOO’s Solar On “We Got Married”

On the May 7 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” Eric Nam takes MAMAMOO’s Solar on a fun date to the Han River, where they end up flying a kite together.

The couple begins with a trip to the convenience store to buy food for their date. While choosing the food, Solar becomes interested in a kite that’s on sale. Noticing this, Eric Nam coolly picks up the kite and buys it for her.

solar eric nam

After finishing their food, the two eagerly try flying the kite. Luckily, it’s a windy day so the kite flies easily. Eric Nam approaches Solar from behind to help her with the kite, while holding her hand to guide her. At the same time, he’s careful and shows off his manners when he hovers his hands over her shoulders, as opposed to grasping them. Even those watching from afar got butterflies from the sweet gesture!

Watch the adorable moment below!

What do you think of Eric Nam and Solar as the show’s newest couple?

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