VIXX Jokes About Their Schedule The First Time They Were On “Immortal Song”

VIXX appears on the May 7 episode of KBS2’s “Immortal Song” and talks about how much they looked forward to being on the show.

Moon Hee Jun brings up that it has been two and a half years since the last time the group was on the show. He comments, “It seems like you’ve been out and about since then.”

Leader N responds that they have been holding a concert tour in Japan and making appearances in broadcasts and an awards ceremony in China.

Ravi then quips that they had nothing else to do when they first went on “Immortal Song,” making Moon Hee Jun flare up in anger.

vixx moon hee jun

N explains saying that they barely had anything on their schedule at the time. “We were hungry for work so being able to sing on this program was such a valuable opportunity,” he states.

Moon Hee Jun says to Ravi, “Why did you have to say it like that when you could have put it so nicely [like N did].”

Watch the funny exchange below!

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