Tourists In Japan Get A Picture With EXO’s Suho Without Knowing It

Can you imagine meeting a celebrity, and only later realizing who it was? That’s exactly what happened to two tourists in Osaka.

In a recent online community post, a traveler shared a photo that they and a friend took with “a handsome Korean tourist.” Turns out that that tourist was none other than EXO’s leader, Suho!

“When we were in Osaka, a Korean tourist came up to me and asked me if I can take a picture,” the traveler wrote in the community post. “He was really handsome, so I then asked for a picture together. It turns out that it was Suho.”

The traveler only found out about Suho’s identity when they shared the photo to their personal social media, where friends and acquaintances commented, “That’s EXO’s Suho, where’d you run into him??”

What luck to run into Suho out and about!

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