Seol Ah, Soo Ah, And Daebak Make A Mess As They Prepare A Cake For Lee Dong Gook

Lee Dong Gook’s children live up to their rascal name as they make a complete mess trying to make a birthday cake for their father.

On the May 8 episode of KBS variety show “The Return of Superman,” the five siblings come together to try to prepare a surprise present for their father Lee Dong Gook.

While they start off nicely decorating a cream cake for their dad, the troublemaker twins Seol Ah and Soo Ah suddenly decide to decorate the chair and table instead and begin to wipe fresh cream all over the furniture.


Daebak just observes at first but sure enough, he soon joins in on the fun as he smears cream on not just his own face but on the faces of his sisters as well. Seol Ah soon returns the favor by massaging a huge mass of cream on his face.

Daebak retreats to his older sisters Jae Si and Jae Ah, and the older twins soon bring order back in the house and clean up the mess of their younger siblings.

Watch the chaos unfold on the latest episode of “The Return of Superman” on Viki below!

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