NU’EST’s Ren Is Shattering Gender Stereotypes In VIP Shop Ad

In a recent advertisement photo shoot for the China-based online mall VIP Shop, NU’EST’s Ren is shattering gender stereotypes.

Ren himself shared the photos on Twitter and Instagram on May 7, writing, “Am I a boy or a girl? I am a man. Fashion makes a person and its impression.” In the three photos he shared, Ren sports long hair and wears skirts with total ease.

ren1 ren2

The NU’EST member not only rocks those outfits, but he apparently enjoys them, too. In one of the Instagram posts, he wrote, “I’m so happy for the product cooperation. Specially wore skirts as a meaning of anticipating the summer arrival!”

His message of confidence no matter your outward appearance comes just a couple of weeks after f(x) member Amber took to social media to speak out against discrimination based on gender stereotypes.

Good on Ren for spreading such a postive message!

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