INFINITE’s Woohyun Expresses Pride In His First Solo Mini Album

On May 9, INFINITE’s Woohyun held a showcase to celebrate the release of his solo debut mini album “Write.”

During the event, Woohyun explained the effort behind his first solo mini album, saying, “A lot of time went into releasing my first solo album. I worked hard in writing and producing it, and the ‘W’ on the album cover is taken from my initial.”

The title track of this mini album, ‘Nodding,’ is written by J. Yoon, Kim Eana, and Rocoberry. Woohyun explained, “I worked together with people who know me well. I talked to them about my album while having dinner with them. I was 95 percent in charge of this album.” His album includes three self-written songs.

What do you think of his solo mini album?

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