“The Return Of Superman” Explains Why Ki Tae Young And Daughter Rohee Did Not Appear In Latest Episode

Some fans of “The Return of Superman” were disappointed to find that May 8’s episode did not include actor Ki Tae Young and his adorable baby daughter Rohee.

As “The Return of Superman” welcomed Oh Ji Ho and his daughter this week, and Yang Dong Geun and his children joined last week, some viewers were concerned that Ki Tae Young and Rohee might be leaving. In Gyo Jin is also planned to make his first appearance with his child on the show next week, and the three new fathers will be taking care of their kids together.

However, a representative of “The Return of Superman” clarified to news outlet TV Report on May 9, “Ki Tae Young and Rohee did not appear in yesterday’s episode because we did not have enough footage.”

They explain that they haven’t been able to find a good time for both the crew and Ki Tae Young to film. “There was no special reason,” they add. “They are definitely not leaving the show. The most important stars in ‘The Return of Superman’ are the children, and there are frequent changes in the schedule based on the children’s condition. This was true in this case as well.”

It’s reported that Ki Tae Young and Rohee will be appearing once again in May 15’s episode for their usual slot. The episode will also feature Yang Dong Geun, Oh Ji Ho, and In Gyo Jin taking care of their children together.

Watch the latest episode of “The Return of Superman” below!

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