SEVENTEEN Takes 2nd Win For “Pretty U” On “Show Champion,” Performances By Lovelyz, Crush, And More

SEVENTEEN has grabbed their second ever first place trophy!

On May 11’s episode of “Show Champion,” SEVENTEEN was up against some tough competition, with BTS, Block B, Jung Eun Ji, and TWICE all nominated for first place as well. They are absolutely thrilled when they win the trophy, and they’re all smiling from ear to ear as they thank their fans, parents, staff, fellow artists, and even host Kim Shin Young.

This is the group’s second win in their career, as they grabbed first place last week on “Show Champion” too.

Watch their performances and win below!

Other performers this week include Lovelyz, Crush, History, Berry Good, Stephanie, Kim Wan Sun, CocoSori, Laboum,, I.C.E, Lim Dohyeok, VAV, ICIA, MIXX, and MOXIE. Check them out below!

Lovelyz – “Destiny”

Crush – “In The Air” and “Woo Ah”

History – “Queen”

Stephanie – “Tomorrow”

Kim Wan Sun – “Use Me” – “Disrespectful Breakup”

Laboum – “Journey to Atlantis”

CocoSori – “Exquisite”

Berry Good – “Angel”

MOXIE – “Ketch Up”

MIXX – “Oh Ma Mind”

ICIA – “Time Bomb”

VAV – “Brotherhood”

Lim Dohyeok – “Saying With Love”

I.C.E – “We Are Not Compatible”

Congrats to SEVENTEEN!

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