15 K-Pop Stars That Are Basically Anime Characters In Real Life

Being ridiculously talented and unrealistically attractive, K-pop idols usually seem to be too perfect to be real. Some of these idols so much so that they end up looking like fictional characters that we can only dream of. Whether they are cosplaying as the characters, like Suga and Jungkook who are dressed up as Naruto and Detective Conan, or have no idea that they are the embodiment of the anime stars; there is no denying the similarities!

Below is a list of fifteen idols who look like these Japanese cartoon characters for all of the K-pop and anime fans!

1. Jaejoong as Light

kim jaejoong light death note

Kim Jaejoong of JYJ as Light from “Death Note”

With his charismatic image, Jaejoong would be perfect for a live action role of Light. If a Korean rendition of this Japanese suspense anime was ever made, that is. His eyes make you hope that he doesn’t ever find out what your name is!

2. Taemin as Rasiel

taemin shinee rasiel katekyo hitman reborn

Taemin of SHINee as Rasiel from “Katekyo Hitman Reborn”

With the same grin and hairstyle, it makes one wonder if Taemin knew that an animated cartoon character was his identical twin!

3. Leo as Haruka

leo vixx haruka iwatobi free swim club 2

Leo of VIXX as Haruka Nanase from “Free! Iwatobi Swim Club”

With a similar appearance, these two are even more startlingly alike in terms of personality. They both follow their outgoing friends while they quietly strive towards their dreams.

4. Bang Yong Guk as Taiga

Bang Yong Guk B.A.P Taiga Kagami Kuroko Basketball

Bang Yong Guk of B.A.P as Taiga Kagami from “Kuroko’s Basketball”

Both of these figures have unquestioned determination, but thankfully Yong Guk doesn’t appear to have a temper like Taiga’s! The identical hairstyle is perfect though!

5. Eunhyuk as Monkey D. Luffy

super juniior eunhyuk monkey d. luffy one piece

Eunhyuk of Super Junior as Monkey D. Luffy from “One Piece”

Probably the only thing as outrageous as this anime character’s name is the resemblance with Eunhyuk! Which Eunhyuk noticed as he posed for this classic K-pop/anime photo!

6. Himchan as Tokiya

kim himchan b.a.p ichinose tokiya uta no prince sama

Himchan of B.A.P as Tokiya Ichinose from “Uta no Prince-sama”

Besides the identical eye structure and princely hair that they share, these two both have beautiful voices and are pursuing careers in music! (If Tokiya was real of course.)

7. G-Dragon as Gaara

G-dragon BIGBANG Gaara Naruto

G-Dragon of BIGBANG as Gaara from “Naruto”

With his image for BIGBANG’s “Monster” MV, G-Dragon unintentionally ended up looking like this anime warrior! The amusing thing is that Gaara always appears to be wearing eyeliner, making him a likely candidate for K-pop lookalikes.

8. Kai as Sinhyuk

kai exo choi sinhyuk beauty formula

Kai of EXO as Choi Sinhyuk from”Beauty Formula”

Besides Kai’s dark eyes there are no differences in these two pictures, to the point where people thought that Sinhyuk’s picture might be fan art of the artist. It is reported that Sinhyuk is either from a manga or manhwa called “Beauty Formula” that is nearly impossible to find.

We may never know if Sinhyuk is actually his own character or an amazing piece of fan art, but either way he deserves a spot on this list!

9. V as Kaneki

bts v kaneki ken tokyo ghoul

V of BTS as Kaneki Ken from “Tokyo Ghoul”

V’s personality couldn’t be more different from Kaneki’s, but they look exactly the same! From the black turtleneck to the white hair, this coincidental outfit on V left Kaneki looking like fan art!

This photo of V also just needs to be acknowledged as beautiful; it’s hard to believe it was taken in an airport!

10. Kris as Usui

usui takumi wa maid sama kris

Kris Wu as Usui Takumi from “Kaichou wa Maid-sama”

Back when Kris had his messy blonde hair, his image and personality fit perfectly with Usui’s cool characteristics and magnetic charm.

11. Ren as Katsura

nu'est ren katsura kotarou gintama

Ren of NU’EST as Katsura Kotarou from”Gintama”

Thankfully, besides his dashing good looks and a couple occurrences of cross-dressing, Ren isn’t exactly like Katsura, who is a fugitive for most of his life. However, an unusual similarity they have is that Ren’s weight and height are perfectly matched with this fictitious character’s!

12. Luhan as Nagisa

luhan nagisa iwatobi free swim club

Luhan as Nagisa from “Free! Iwatobi Swim Club”

No matter how many times Luhan says he wants to appear manly, he hasn’t quite achieved it yet. He just so happens to be very similar to Nagisa, an adorable and energetic character from “Free!” It’s not just the blonde hair linking these two cuties, but their personalities, as they are both hyper and cheerful!

13. Daeryong and Soryong as Hikaru and Kaoru

tasty Soryong and Daeryong hikaru kaoru high school host club

Daeryong and Soryong Jung of TASTY as Hikaru and Kaoru Hatachiin from “Ouran High School Host Club”

Probably the most unbelievable entry on this list is the Jung twins, who are actually identical twins and happened to have pink and blue hair, just like the Hitachiin twins. Both sets of twins are identical and happened to have the same hairstyles, but thankfully the Jung twins don’t seem as mischievous as their fictional counterpart.

14. Krystal as Erza

f(x) krystal erza fairy tail

Krystal of f(x) as Erza from “Fairy Tail”

The vivid hair and purple eyes turns Krystal into the spitting image of Erza. Both of them also have a chic personality that won’t be swayed by others, but can still be sweet and considerate when the situation calls for it.

These two kick butt ladies are beautiful and courageous in their own ways!

15. Jia as Sakura

miss a jia sakura haruno naruto

Meng Jia of miss A as Sakura Haruno from “Naruto”

If Jia was wearing a headband in this photo everyone would assume that she was cosplaying as Sakura. Instead she was just filming miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl,” and happened to have the same hair and expression as Sakura!


rap monster sailor moon

Rap Monster of BTS as Sailor Moon from “Sailor Moon”

No K-pop and anime lookalike list would be complete without this beautiful entry!

Let us know in the comments which idol looked the most like their anime counterpart!

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