Watch: G.Soul Makes His Comeback With “Far, Far Away” And “Where Do We Go From Here”

G.Soul finally makes his comeback with two completely different tracks!

On May 12, the artist released music videos for his two latest songs, “Far, Far Away” and “Where Do We Go From Here.” Similar to the teasers, the two videos give off contrasting vibes, showing off different sides of G.Soul.

In “Far, Far Away,” the singer seems to be relaxing and enjoying his time on the beach with his dog. The song has a lighter, upbeat melody that matches the colorful scenery shown in the video. However, the lyrics aren’t quite as happy as the music, or video, suggests.

In contrast, the music video for “Where Do We Go From Here” is completely in black and white, matching the more melancholy mood of the song. The sad lyrics are enhanced by the overall heaviness of the song.

Watch both music videos below! English subtitles are available.

Which music video is your favorite?