YMC Removes I.O.I’s Manager From Duty In Light Of Controversy

YMC Entertainment speaks up in response to the recent controversy surrounding I.O.I’s manager’s treatment of member Yoo Yeonjung.

“We have seen the video that caused recent controversy.” YMC Entertainment told media outlet BizEnter on May 11. “The manager is no longer assigned to I.O.I and has been transferred to desk duty.”

YMC Entertainment continues, “We are apologetic to I.O.I fans, and we will make sure that another unsavory incident like this doesn’t happen again.”

Previously, a short video clip was posted on the official I.O.I fan cafe titled, “Video of manager yelling [at members] to hurry and get in the car after music show recording.” In the video, I.O.I member Yoo Yeonjung is greeting fans before boarding the car. The manager can be heard yelling angrily at Yoo Yeonjung, “I said hurry up and get in!”

“It was an outburst that came out suddenly due to the pressure and responsibility [the manager] felt,” YMC Entertainment explains, but at the same time, the agency does not make any excuses for the manager’s actions. “We believe that yelling like that at I.O.I members was without a doubt the manager’s wrongdoing.”

YMC Entertainment continues “I.O.I’s managers usually treat the members like family and care for them a lot. I.O.I members also know this fact well. So there are a few aspects in which I.O.I members regret the situation. However, as a matter of operating management, we believed that reassigning the manager [who caused the controversy] to a different duty was the most equitable result so we did so immediately.”

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